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Track Name: A Song For The Money (Prod. T.R@bb)
money in the bank, to keep us
money in the bank, to keep us

write another song for the money
write another song for the money
money in the bank, money
money in the bank, to keep us
roll another joint up
roll another joint up

huh, im 85' jordan, gold chain and a fade,
john burgundy 5's with the burgundy suede,
softer than a jerry west lay up in the paint
thats that nba logo flow, damn what a laker
like defenders chase the fingeroll, i been chasing the paper
like copy machine harrassing, if i did it, it was money under the picture like a caption
quotations after every verse, beat murked,
the button with the two lefts on it, and the line underneath broke in half,
you tryna resurrect what i killed? go to church
with a bag fulla purp, like a L.A fanny pack, thats pack fulla work getting lower than a surpa,
after like search, slower than the syrup, can't even compare em, a ghost, you can hear em, can't see em, up in the crib, over the stove with that powder hand, to get money in hand, while these women keep singin


huh, slow the whip down to a crawl, palm under hand while im letting it off
he aint ride with a nigga, but im dropping him off, cats get tackled for sport,
body laid in the morgue
i aint heated, im cold, kicks pound the pavement, while counting the dough
2 bags fulla blow, close the windows when im baging the soap
the boys will come through and put us behind doors
black saab by the porch, bbs rims, chain sing off chest like holiday hymns
i did it for the team, did it for the fam, did it for the green
recline on 2, shine out, like black vinyl wylin, off 2 cups of purple,
put dust in the blunt and just miss it like curfew, snake slide in the slab,
the cheese that i grab, money making rabb

Track Name: NorF(Town) (Prod. By T.R@bb)
norF, norF, norF, norF
norF, norF, norF, norF
norFtown, I put that on the norf, i put that on the norf, i put that on the norf
norFtown, I put that on the norf, i put that on the norf, i put that on the norf

huh, on the norf i chop, and put niggas behind bars never called the cops
i am often hot, (trash) rappers they (recycle) i am (captain) ock, switch
(he's our hero) slap my shxt on ten this be's the anthem
kill em with consistence nothing is random, (nice guy) getting loaded brother word to (sampson)
rappers cut in (half), and (baked) in oven, german kicks on me so these chicks is russian
nigga nothin, im just tryna to express that my flow in foreign, pouring rain, indian dance on these tourist they gon this slap but i was hot before this
i put on for my city, norftown niggas with me, i be zoned when you see me
undefeated fleece or supreme by the beanie, but family gone be proud when they see me in the pennies
yo chick can get it the hard way, she tryna hold me, my nigga not hardly we out here


word to my houston niggas on heavy, bros what it do? my nigga already
chilling and counting my paper stack tryna make a little back so i can bow out early
barely do i listen to these niggas tryna rap, fall back cuz you niggas talking noise, matter of fact
og pop the trunk, and get this shxt jumping like all star weekend
im after the racks... halter top, bad broad shot gun might drop the top, lol "drop the top"?
i go off and clean house never held a mop, the lyrical cyclopse put niggas in boxes, bubbles blown, what i say be (pop)pin, you a (baby huey), so you should (drop) it, yeah keys open doors and im the (lock) smith, norf norf norf norf norf norf norf norf


norftown chillin, ann and clayton durka spot, grabbing brisk teas rolling footies checking for the cops
100 on the table bet this shxt knock, 501's, 10 deep, chuck t's, low tops
the norf is the reason that i dont smoke now, everytime i hit the blunt i end getting tore down
and disembodied in the living room with my head down
asking "man why y'all let me smoke?" and them niggas just straight clowned

Track Name: Closing Credits
T.R@bb would like to thank:
The Lord, and my family. My Brother Clark,
My Team (KillOff) Records, My Pops David "DJ DFos" Foster,
My lil sister Davion "HollyWood Murda" Foster, Endea "Endo" Mcknight,
Bianca Johnson, Gary "3 Blues" Crockett,
Josh "Young Cudi" Raber, Le'Geary "Fat Greg" Stewart,
Darren "D-Ran" Fuller, J-Flyy, The Twins, Kailyn Brown(im still very thankful) ,
Aaron "AiM" Harris, Yae, Scoob, And Chuck NLV
Toni "Touch" Casiere, Ta Manor, & Much respect to all my loyal fans,

This tape was a gift for y'all, I just wanted to give back
something fun, to say thanks for the love
and a CONCEPT tape at that, i don't deal drugs
im not a posing d boy like you niggas lol.
Have a great summer. Peace til' Fly Moon...... And Don't Sell Dope! Hov did that... so hopefully you don't gotta go through that lol, NORFTOWN & i'm out

R.I.P Officer James Manor
& Ronald "Detroit" Gaines