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by T.R@bb

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released August 19, 2010



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T.R@bb North Las Vegas

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Track Name: Dont Stop (CRS)
It's... T.R@bb from the city of slots
Where the hoes forever moving like the hands on a watch
But never wasting time.. "Are you paying or not" they'll say
Outside of the mandalay bay in a black mercade
Me and my brother Clark K.. The black crusade
Love to my family.. "theyre" so cliapatra
We building over here... No contractors
I'm where you wanna be.. Me living on a atlas
Grew up on the cosby's.. Rabb the young theo
They hate me out in Vegas.. Rabb the young neyo
Shades block the haters while I'm strolling rodeo
I'm killin..I'm ballin..OJ..Mayo
Stacking up the green.. The dollars.. The pecos
Broads scream "mi amor" I'm like "I"
Cruising down simmons slappin loso
Getting straight sweated by the popo
Shirt fed hey.. That's polo
Jordans with the 9s on the back
I played in olympics..2k winning..bad broad swimming..$1000 dollar linen..everyday is Christmas..I need an assistant.. Gem how I glisten.. Nice with the mic like pippen..I will forever be young ima simpson.. Throwed like Steve Young run till I'm winning..
Ice berg slim ima pimp.. And you are forever under I (eye) like a cyst..
I control y'all like a sim.. Joker with the grin..saddam with the pen
Quarterback in the huddle.. The ocean to a puddle
I'm working check the muscle
My music could make the Def(deaf) Jam no Russel
I rap super groovy.. So these hoes choosey
But I'm not chips baby.. please do not chew me
And this bank keep rolling credit it's the never ending movie..
Thought I was done?
Foam finger foam finger..I'm number one
Shout out my brother Trade we miss you in the city
But I'm doing what you said..I'm shitting on the city
In the north pouring champagne dancing like diddy..
In the basement wylin out.. Remember rap city?
Pops they ain't messing with me
I should move to Cicily.. I'm tired of lighting Vegas up..
Why I gotta play the Christmas tree