Cellar Door

by T.R@bb

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I had a dream so vivd it took two nights.
Can't explain what it felt like.
My black suit and her black dress.
Illuminated by lunar light.
The car is nice. Slow riding cool.
Never no rush when the party wait for you.
Im looking like how I get a date with her.
The record stopped when we walked through.
Could hear a pin drop when we walked through.
Things stopped when we walked through.
The Dj spun on fly moon,
the lights dimmed to a pale blue.
I looked out as I held the mic.
To a packed crowd that came to see me.
Screamed so loud the stage shook under me.. so hard that I fell underneath.
It might of been Madison square.
But I was no longer there.
I laid on the beach with sand at my feet.
The girl of dreams. Sat next to me.
Reclined in a beach chair.
Life is but a beach chair. Light skin with curly her.
She sung the song That got us there.

Life is but a dream,
I know this may sound crazy,
but ive been so spaced out lately.
I was wondering..
Could I tell you what Ive seen
All though I cant explain it all

Could I pick up where I left off.
On a plane about to take off.
The clouds were purple that passed by,
The sun shown over the night sky.
As I sat in that truck with my uncle James,
and cried to him how much things have changed,
And how I would do anything to mute the strain.
Undo the pain.
Restart again.
He vanished shortly.
I blew my candles out I had turned forty.
My son handed me a birthday card.
He drew a bed and said I was working to hard.
And needed rest.
I Couldn't read the rest.
The kicthen melted slow. Then I was back in my bed. I reminisced.
And let this record play.
And prayed for lord.
Anoint my future days...



released July 7, 2012



all rights reserved


T.R@bb North Las Vegas

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